Remote ScreenShot

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Function: The RemoteShot.ps1 script captures a screenshot of a specified user's session on a remote PC and opens it locally.

The script also logs an Application log event (ID: 1337, Source: RemoteShot) documenting the screenshot request and the requestor.

Requirements: This script must be run in an elevated PowerShell console.

The remote PC must be online and the user must be logged in and have an active session (logged in and screen not locked).

The initiator must have admin rights on the remote PC.

Usage: .\RemoteShot.ps1

The script will prompt for the remote PC or server name.

The script will prompt for the user session to screenshot.

Output: This script will (if all of the pieces worked) locally open a screenshot taken of the remote user's desktop on the remote PC.

Additional Details: The ScreenShot.ps1 script is copied to the remote PC and used for the actual screenshot capture. The ScreenShot.ps1 script was stolen almost entirely from: